Sunday, 20 May 2012

Can Maths Really be taught?

Teaching Maths and the Aptitude for it... Is a very broad concept, the roots of which lie in the most basics of education! If I may present my example, As a small child, my father always boasted of maths being the most important subject to learn and how it is the language of all science that is present in the universe! That fascinated me! Over the years i developed a passion for mathematics, especially Newtonian Calculus!
The roots I talk about is the emphasis towards maths during the starting years of school! Like the emphasis laid on English and History... and steps taken to make kinder- gardeners like the subjects... an effort by the peer generation should be made to develop interest in the subject!
Teaching can be successful if responded well by the students! So I believe Maths can be taught!
An example of exemplary teaching i.e. developing interest in the subject and then the aptitude is Mr. Anand Kumar from the super thirty fame from Bihar, India. I have had the honor to be his pupil for two years. He make hard efforts to develop interest of his students and uses local dialect and technology like projectors and interactive GUI to increase interest and inculcate better!

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