Monday, 11 June 2012

The Significance of History

11th June 2012

When I was at school, almost all the students I knew hated history. I could not understand why. Some would tell me that history is boring, some would fret about the dates and names, and some would get agitated over mugging it up. Absolutely no one would even try to understand why history was a part of the curriculum. I on the other hand love history. I did not treat it as a subject but like an epic novel which unwound the mysteries and wonders of the world to me through the ages of Man.

History my friends is not dates, names and facts, it is much more. It is the insight into the making of the world as it is today. Can anything else be more interesting? It showcases us the wonders of man as well as his blunders and a thorough analysis of history leads today’s men towards creating a better present and future after building on the successes and working on the mistakes.

I don’t want to go into facts and figures trying to prove my point. What I wish to inculcate that History is essential for the betterment of the entire race. We should be as passionate about the history of the world as we are about the history of our families. History throws open I front of us all the happenings earth has recorded since the advent of the first creatures and helps to analyze different aspects of life and living in different eras of the world. It is history which maximizes the use of our power of observation and develops our rationale.
In the end I would share a thought of my own


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Why Is Algebra Important ??

Algebra is not only about the square method or about quadratic and multinomial theorums
When we look closely, Algebra is closely related with geometry... in fact it is the language of written geometry.... for the larger part of it...
We see x = y represents a straight line...but what is the significance here...
Here and with other means Algebra generates A means of studying and knowing about the realms of the world on paper.
A question by someone reminds me of the ignorance people pay to quality education , that man asked
" Can the square method i.e. (a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 +2ab... can be used to by fruits"
I said nothing... just smiled and thought about those many people who do not understand the inner realms of Mathematics
Algebra is a means to define different structures by giving a voice to geometry using expressions, variables, constants and equations.
It eases the knowledge of various structures and these structures define our surroundings,,, so on the larger scale we understand them better :)
So the next time we crack and egg and tell our kid that it is an oval... we should remember that there are algebraic expressions defining it :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Can The Brain Really Tire Out?

 It is time for exams in my college and I see students around me dancing around in frantic manner, trying to accomplish the topmost grades. Amidst  these trials a silent enemy creeps up in every students mind trying to bring them down and make them drool and drowse and forget about grades, rather it makes them pull their hair and rip their heads apart.

You guessed it right, the devil is Stress! It makes my friends feel monotonous with fatigue laced on their academic excellence! Then I start hearing out cries…” My brain is tired! I am blank”, “ I do not remember anything”, and more scary stuff which rattles my brains instead!

It sets me thinking… “Can the brain of a normal healthy being really tire out due to this stress?” All my time I have known the biological facts of the subconscious and active parts of the brain that whatever we see resides in the subconscious. I know it is hard to believe but it is true!
Everything that we have read or seen in our life, even the face of the nurse after we were born resides in the subconscious, we are not just not strong enough to link our active brain to it in order to process such far off images! There are exceptions though, like Leonardo Da Vinci  who remembered each line he had ever read… just once!

So I tell my friends that hey guys… that is just stress ruling your minds and silently brainwashing you with those stupid thoughts! The brain does not forget, it does not stop to work…. The tension you face is because you are making your brain work really hard and that is good for the long term! You will remember everything once you see the question paper and everything will be fine. Trust me!

The brain is one organ which works to even a few seconds after normal death( Even the heart can fail)! How can it tire out! Stress is just a mental demon which makes us think so! So folks… kick out the stress and throw away such feelings!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Can Maths Really be taught?

Teaching Maths and the Aptitude for it... Is a very broad concept, the roots of which lie in the most basics of education! If I may present my example, As a small child, my father always boasted of maths being the most important subject to learn and how it is the language of all science that is present in the universe! That fascinated me! Over the years i developed a passion for mathematics, especially Newtonian Calculus!
The roots I talk about is the emphasis towards maths during the starting years of school! Like the emphasis laid on English and History... and steps taken to make kinder- gardeners like the subjects... an effort by the peer generation should be made to develop interest in the subject!
Teaching can be successful if responded well by the students! So I believe Maths can be taught!
An example of exemplary teaching i.e. developing interest in the subject and then the aptitude is Mr. Anand Kumar from the super thirty fame from Bihar, India. I have had the honor to be his pupil for two years. He make hard efforts to develop interest of his students and uses local dialect and technology like projectors and interactive GUI to increase interest and inculcate better!