Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Can The Brain Really Tire Out?

 It is time for exams in my college and I see students around me dancing around in frantic manner, trying to accomplish the topmost grades. Amidst  these trials a silent enemy creeps up in every students mind trying to bring them down and make them drool and drowse and forget about grades, rather it makes them pull their hair and rip their heads apart.

You guessed it right, the devil is Stress! It makes my friends feel monotonous with fatigue laced on their academic excellence! Then I start hearing out cries…” My brain is tired! I am blank”, “ I do not remember anything”, and more scary stuff which rattles my brains instead!

It sets me thinking… “Can the brain of a normal healthy being really tire out due to this stress?” All my time I have known the biological facts of the subconscious and active parts of the brain that whatever we see resides in the subconscious. I know it is hard to believe but it is true!
Everything that we have read or seen in our life, even the face of the nurse after we were born resides in the subconscious, we are not just not strong enough to link our active brain to it in order to process such far off images! There are exceptions though, like Leonardo Da Vinci  who remembered each line he had ever read… just once!

So I tell my friends that hey guys… that is just stress ruling your minds and silently brainwashing you with those stupid thoughts! The brain does not forget, it does not stop to work…. The tension you face is because you are making your brain work really hard and that is good for the long term! You will remember everything once you see the question paper and everything will be fine. Trust me!

The brain is one organ which works to even a few seconds after normal death( Even the heart can fail)! How can it tire out! Stress is just a mental demon which makes us think so! So folks… kick out the stress and throw away such feelings!


  1. I like this post here, I always had frustrations in college, but the way I handled them was simply using time management skills, and they seemed to all vanish slowly but surely as the years began to progress, no matter the difficulty of the subject I had to tackle.

    Nicely written nonetheless Rahul, your blogging skill and use of content is pretty awesome indeed.

  2. Time management skills are a definite answer to kicking out stress Mike!

    By dividing time intelligently, one can never incur stress! Although it is not easy to attain... but as you said... practicing it over time can lead to perfection