Thursday, 7 April 2011

I will make you an offer.... you can't refuse

The lines of Marlon Brando in the epic, THE GODFATHER holds such key influence in the present day commercial scenario. Everywhere we see ideas springing to the occassion, offers rising up and falling down.

Amidst all these we see some ideas, some offers, some people rising to the occassion and fostering a change in the society. We have umpteen examples amongst ourselves like Mark Zuckerberg's  FACEBOOK and Pranav Mistrys THE SIXTH SENSE. All these men and their ideas have made life simpler, communication faster and have the digital analog and physical world to the maximum possible extents.

The reason i relate the people above to Brando's memorable quoteis that these men had radical offers for the society which no one could refuse. Everyone succumbed to these ravishing ideas, the people, the media, the corporate sector, the WORLD WIDE WEB.

The need of the hour for youth like us is to idolise their thinking process and build our thinking mechanism in such a way that we the youth help foster changes and in the long run create an atmosphere of ingenuity, healthy competetion, creativity and innovation.

Kiran Shaw Majumdars BIOCON, S. Indramalars PEN DRIVE and many more ravishing examples created for themselves an evergreen market, and will reap the benefits for generations to come.


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  1. nice post.. not-so-fresh thoughts but inspiring nonetheless, connection with the godfather-interesting. but i think facebook was just a fortunate accident for zuckerberg...